Your Residents’ New Favorite Amenity

an Exclusive Discount Program for your Apartment Residents

Stop Offering Concessions. Start Offering Discounts.

Why offer costly concessions to gain and retain residents when you could offer exclusive discounts on a wide variety of household products and services? The ResiRewards™ Resident Discount Program is a never-before-seen third-party amenity that enables property managers, owners, and investors to save their average resident hundreds of dollars annually.

Gain and Retain
More Residents

Maximize Occupancy
and Profitability

Encourage Positive
Reviews & Referrals

Discounts Replace
Costly Concessions

Savings Help Justify
Rent Increases

“In today’s amenity-laden apartment marketplace, it’s a challenge to offer amenities that are truly unique. Multifamily technology startup ResiRewards has crafted a solution that provides an unprecedented benefit to residents through an exclusive discount program.”

Learn More About the ResiRewards™ Resident Discount Program

Residents can view and redeem discounts on any device connected to the internet by logging into our online platform. Residents can also request new discounts on specific products and services; we are constantly contacting brands to obtain additional discounts and we use this information to prioritize our outreach efforts.


We encourage resident participation by posting new discounts in our private Facebook group as well as sending discount updates every week via email and every month via text.




Average Savings